Needs Meme From Praline

My little fur friend Praline taged Goma for fun games again!! yey!! The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results. So I googled Goma needs...here are the 10 lists out of 223,000 lists!!
1.Goma needs urgent aid, says Bishop.
Thanks bishop but he is fine. For now... I think...
2.Goma needs to come back.
From where?? to where?? I am confused!!
3.Goma Can Make Friends With Anything!
Yes thats right!!
4.GOMA Underserved and Underrepresented Populations Working Group
I dont understand...
5.A big thank you to Guy Goma: the wrong man in the right place ...
okay...this is getting weired... oh well for now all goma needs is...


pattyskypants & bhu said...

Goma has Sachie; he don need nothin' else! xxoo Patty

Mikey and Izzy's Meowma said...

I googled my kitty's name, Mikey, with Needs, and here's what came up:

1. Mikey needs a cheeseburger [that's understandable]
2. Mikey needs an avvy [what's an avvy!?]
3. Mikey needs a job [he has one, and his current job is, unfortunately, eating the Christmas tree]
4. Mikey needs to move [nah, he's cool with his cat tower]
5. Mikey needs to see the Money Video [what on earth?]
6. Mikey needs your support [well, maybe, but I don't think so]
7. Mikey needs to move [yes, again, I think I have discovered it is a song]
8. Mikey needs our help [yeah, that might be nice, but..]
9. Mikey needs a lobotomy [OMG NO HE DOESN'T]
10. Mikey T needs yo tip dollaz [ok.. I think I'm NOT going to scroll down the page, ten's enough]

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