Jonathan Sandridge Wins Diesel Wall Competition And Goma Has Something To Do With It

Every year Diesel has international competition called Wall Project the winners will be chosen from approximately 13,000 people from all over the world. The winning work will be featured in gigantic building wall at NYC!! And this year, Jonathan Sandridge (who sits next to me at work) won the whole thing!!! OMG!!! This is a big deal guys! He can has famous! Really!! Anyway, most impressive part is that he designed this very stylized giant cheezburger and it was inspired by GOMA!!!!! I am serious guys! Jonathan has been big supporter of Goma, and we talk about Goma all the time at work lol!! Oh Goma you are so inspirational! If Goma sees this giant cheezburger, he will be saying " Too much Cheezburgerz!!" and pass out! lol. Awesome awesome job Jonathan!! By the way Diesel is giving away free cheeseburgers tomorrow at 12:30 by the mural on 19th and Seventh Ave!! If you are in NYC you should go!!

This is artist statement from Jonathan on his big cheezburger:

"My first approach was to create an intriguing design that was big, bright,
and bold. It was important for the artwork to work well with the form of the building, and pop amongst the concrete and brick architecture in the neighborhood. I started my execution with six thick stripes of complementary colors evenly spaced down the wall that vibrated visually. The result was close to what I had set out for, but I it still needed content and to communicate a story. I felt that a cheeseburger would be an appropriate subject to work with because of its icon status in American (bigger the better) culture. Working with the scale of the wall, the design becomes a glorious, godlike icon in an American city. The Cheeseburger design represents "The good life"."


Daisy said...

Goma becomes more and more famous! I sure wish I could be there to get a cheezburger.

pattyskypants & bhu said...

Goma iz INSPIRATION! We luv U Goma!! xxoo Patty & Bhu

Sweet Praline said...

That's cool!

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