Goma Can Has Fridge Tops!!

Goma loves his fridge top. He calls it his Penthouse. It is funny he can never get on top of it without my help...so he will sit in front of fridge and meow so many time until I get annoyed so bad!!! Once he gets on there, he can not get down so, he will meow again many many times till I come get him. It is very annoying but extremely cute as well!! Once he is on top of the fridge he will spread his body and sleeps, and he will try to squeeze in to more narrow place there...it is soooo funny! I think he likes it there because he is now look down on me!! He can see every move I make from there! Smart kitteh!!
SACHIE: Goma you need to learn to share!
GOMA: Dis iz mah spotz! You be quitz!!
SACHIE: OMG! Where did you learn to say this!? You are so bad!!


Pattyskypants & Bhu said...

Goma is getting purritier, er I mean HANDSOMER, every day!! Don worry, Sachie. Goma will grow out of top of fridge phase! xxoo Patty

Sweet Praline said...

Himmies do tend to have a little "cattitude", don't they. But they are just so cute, how can we say no to them? Goma says Praline has big eyes - Praline says Goma has big beautiful BLUE eyes!

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