Tough To Be So Famousz!

Goma has been getting too much attention sinse video came out!! I think he had wee bit too much of it!? Sunday night, The Smittens was having a new album celebration at local restaurants where they showed Gumdrops video. Oh, it was so cool to see Goma in a big screen for sure!! It really felt like he is a movie star lol!! I bought their new album and I have been addicted to it ever since...Thanks guys for such a great album!!!SACHIE: You have another 100 Pawtographs to go!!
GOMA: Me sleepyz! Me tirez!! Meee NO WANT famouz!!
SACHIE: Goma, you are already famous, you can not stop it!! Just sign it!
GOMA: You is meanz!! You is too muchz!! Mee want too much Cheezburgerz after dis!!
SACHIE: Ok deal!!


Tony Hii said...

Hello, you have a nice blog.

Sweet Praline said...

Sell your pawtograhs for extra money for more cheezburgers! I am trying to sell belly rubs to raise some money. These humans are suckers!

Daisy said...

Poor Goma, it must be tough to be a supah-star!

Patty Skypants said...

Don forgetz pawtographsz for me & patty, Goma! xxoo Bhu

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YAY Goma! you is sooo famous! Hollywood will come knocking one of these days - I know it!

Thanks for starring in the Gumdrops video. You are the best!!!

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