Persian Cats Fashion Spread From Vogue August 08 Issue!!

Oh, I am all over this months's Vorgue issue!! Because I luv this month's Vogue issue on Grace Goddington, creative director for Vogue so much!! This is so kitteh overload!! She has a Persian cat name Pumpkin! She is not actually modeling for the spread, they used model looks like grace and her cat Pumpkin. Those photos are so beautifully taken by Steven Meisel. Those BEAUTIFUL Persian cats are from Pam Rutan, Top Shelf Persians. I can't find a breeder site for it but they are just so so so gorgeous!! I luv them!! Oh I wish Steven can shoot Goma and myself like this!! That would be my dream! Click to see larger!! ENJOY!


Sweet Praline said...

Hi Goma, those persians have nothing on us!

You've been tagged with a quirk meme. Please visit my blog on Saturday for the details.

Mom has been watching your videos and I must say that I am getting a little jealous of the Squeees she is giving you instead of me.

pattyskypants & Bhu said...

Goma is a hundred times more gorgeous than Vogue kittehs!! Look at his sweet, fluffy face and butt!! No contest! xxoo Patty

Daisy said...

Those are beautiful photos, and they would be even more beautiful-er with Goma!

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry for being off topic, but I'm looking for Jedediah Baker. Do you have his email? Is he still in San Diego? I'm a very old friend of his.


Hi Peter, I am sorry I have no idea about his e-mail but I am connected with him with Facebook. I will send message for him through facebook to let him know you are looking fir him. thanks!


sallreen said...

Cat bath- Cat shampoo

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