Goma House Is Upside down?!

Goma was playing rough with his house today...he normally hides inside of it but this time he turned it upside down!! I think he got little bored with it so he decided to be more creative! Since he flip the house, he loves to sit in the corner, curl up and sleep in there. So cute.SACHIE: Oh no~! Did tornado or earth quake hit the house Goma?
GOMA: Nos!! Me hit it!
SACHIE: Why would you do that!! Do you know how long it took me to build this house for you??
GOMA: Me more fun this way!! Me like it!! Me don car!!
SACHIE: Fine...you fix it.


Sweet Praline said...

Hi Goma! I just love the renovations you have done with your house. It looks like you also have a fur curtain at the entrance like I have in mine.

Did you see the award I left you today? Please visit my blog for the "Just Plain Fun to Read Award."


pattyskypants and bhu said...

Ha ha!! Goma has no roof now, only floorz!! Oh well, easier to see all the BOIDZ with no roof! Goma is SMART. xxoo Bhu

KittyLover said...

Hiya Goma! Im a cat admirer and when i saw you on that cats 101 show on animal planet I was captivaetd! Thats quite the house ya got there Goma! I love it!!!

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