Pictures Of The Week!

Ahhhh! Me is sleepy what about u??

Hahahaha! I is taking over da worldz!! I iz evil beez!!
Cau you spot a lizard?? Daisy?? I have NO idea where it is...
I can surf too Goma!!


Daisy said...

I studied the tree my very hardest, but I could only see bark. I might need glasses.

I think the bird riding on the hawk is an amazing photo.

pattyskypants said...

If there is a lizard on that tree, I DONT WANT TO SEE IT!! Yikes! xxoo Patty

ZOOLATRY said...

Ditto on Daisy's comment, maybe if we copy and biggify the picture we can find it.
Or did Goma secretly catch and release already?
Cute pics overall.

Kim said...

Anna: Goma Brother Mancat Boy?
That evil beez?
Hez not gonna EATZES me, is he?

Zuzu: want I should PUNCHES evil beez with mah white toe???

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