Goma Iz back!!

Sorry guys for not updating for few days!! We drove 7 hours back from NYC and I arrived around midnight here in VT Monday night. Still, I had to go to work next day 8:30...when I got home I was ready to pass out!! I am seriously getting old!! Eric dropped off Goma Tuesday morning, and he was looking so cute as usual...I wanted to hug him ans kiss him but he wanted to get away from me!! Because all he wanted to do was smell around the house to make sure everything is good. I had to leave him again that day because I have work to do...it was very hard to just say hi briefly.

I was looking at some pictures of photoshoot, Goma and I did while back. I realized there are so many other good pictures there. Alex(the photographer) took so many pictures!! So I decided to post some of it today!! ENJOY!!
A lot happened in few days!! First of all good friend of mine Jed the owner of Hepper, and designer of Goma loving Hepper pod refer me to his friend moderncat.net!! and they featured one of the Goma's video on their front page!! That's awesome!! I have been a huge fan of moderncat.net so I was soooo honored and excited!! Please check it out!!******* WORK TALK *****************************************
This is the window display I designed and installed this weekend!
We did this in 6 hours!! The store is call Paragon sporting goods company, it is the biggest sporting goods store in NYC. The sad part is it will be up only for 10 days;-(


Patty Skypants said...

Sachie, the window is SO COOL!!! Thanks for the wonderful pics of you and Goma! WE LUVZ U! xxoo P

Daisy said...

I like the window display!

Goma, guess what? I got my regular Moderncat newsletter by e-mail, and there was a story all about you and the Hepper pod! I said "Hey, I know that famous cat!"

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

What a great window display! Sachie you are very talented :)

We love the pictures of you and Goma! We were having "Goma withdrawals" while you were away!

Kim said...

Hee hee : FAT ARMS!
Poor Goma. Fat kitty arms are GOOD!

Love your window, Sachie!
You are truly talented!

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi Goma... how great to meet you... we'll be back to visit again, and stay longer so we can get to know you!
Bye now, Maggy & Zoey from Zoolatry.

Q_Monroe said...

you are so talented sachie! trips to NYC to do window designing?! oooh laa laa. Goma should be happy to have such an amazing mom.

Yvette said...

Goma has the cutest chubby ankles!

joyce said...

Sachie, I was so happy that I can see you though you were here for work.
Big Hug :-)

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