Goma By The Window

I love this picture because Goma looks like little monster sleeping by the window!! His face is so flat that when he puts his chin on the floor, it becomes really flat!! I love his face like that. Did I tell you I finally got AC working in my house! It is small but working great! Goma loves it too!! This is such a gift for both of us!! This workweek would be CRAZY for me I don't even know how I can get through... it is 10:00pm and I just came back from work...I will try to update my blog as much as possible!! Goma is not very happy about that either but he should be fine because I spend so much time with him last weekend! lol!


pattyskypants & bhu said...

He is so FIERCE looking!! But cute, too!

Daisy said...

I love Goma's flat face!

Kim said...

I TAGZES you, BrotherGomaFatArmzes!
U gos to our blogszes, you see!


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