Cat-a-pillar Appears At My Home Again!

OMG I found Cat-a-pillar again in my house!! It appeared a month ago now it came back!! I never seen such a strange thing in my life!! it is very Haily too!!! Do you guys know how to get rid of it?? It is scary!! lol!! Sachie: Goma you suppose to be catapillar....they don't have arms.
Goma: ME DON CAR!! You is be quietz!!
Sachie: Oh Goma that's not nice!


meemsnyc said...

Wowser, that catepillar looks awesome to play with!

pattyskypants & bhu said...

Goma! U SO CUTE in catapillar suit! xxoo Patty

Daisy said...

Soon you will turn into a beautiful butterfly!

Kim said...

That hairy blue Cat-a-pillar is a very strange thing! It is, perhaps, the 8th wonder of the world.

Anna: it CHEATZES! It grows ARMZES out of NOWHERES!

Zuzu: it do be tricky!

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