Lil Goma!!

So I made lil Goma with mole last week and gave it to Goma! At first he didn't know what it is but he started to playing with it. It was really funny when he was eating lil Goma!! Anyway, I am going to NYC this Sunday and come back Monday night. So I wont be able to update this bloggy for few days...Goma is now with Squid and Ika, super cute kitties of Vanessa and Eric. I thought I will leave him and ask somebody to come and feed Goma but I thought it would be good for Goma to meet his BFFs again, and have some fun!! So I asked Vanessa and Eric. He always have fun there and come back so tired!! so cute!! Okay see you soon!!


Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Aw, Goma looks so cute with his "lil Goma".

We hope Sachie has fun in NYC! How exciting :)

Patty Skypants said...

Goma, hope you has funz with ur frendz!! We will miss u! Sachie, have a safe trip. xxoo P

Kim said...

Goma Brother, you BAD friend!
First, you ignore friend, then you EAT friend!
You SCARY friend!

But weeeee love you!

Anna and Zuzu

Yvette said...

Goma is so cute he looks fake!! - I mean, I know he's not fake, but he looks like a doll...a boy, kitty doll. You know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

i have a himalayan cat that looks just like Goma! i want to make a website about my cat, could you tell me where you made your website?
if not it s'ok!
thanks bai!!!!

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