Goma VS His Old Carrrier

I have an old pet carrier I bought for Goma ayear ago when I first gotten Goma. I brought this bag to pick up Goma at Suzette's house!! Now Goma sees this carrier and still try to get in. Obviously, it is TOO SMALL for him but you know....HE DON CAR!!! yes. So here it is Goma you can get in and out of this carrier as much as you want. And sorry for calling you fat. By the way, the guy standing next to the scratchier poll is named Mr. Rabbit. He is sexy and smooth rabbit who likes to ride bike around town.


Tiff said...

hahahahahah thank you for this post, I needed a laugh.
I can't tell you how much I love this blog. You and Goma are super awesome. >^..^<

La Gata Lola said...

That's nonsense, you are not fat, it's just your long hair, it makes you look bigger :P
Fat or not, you are just lovely. And you fit perfectly in your bag! lol

Kisses n hairy Hugs! =^.^=

Patty Skypants said...

Goma DON CARE! This must be why I keep my old bikinis that I couldn't even get one big toe in today! Patty DON CARE! ha ha! xxoo

Daisy said...

No fat that I can see! Just lots and lots of floofiness! The bag is not too small, it is just nice and cozy.

Kim said...

Oh Goma.
You is fat.
You is.

But fat kitties are nice!

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