Who Is There??

Goma loves to play game of peekaboo sometimes. He will watch me and watch me....then I turn around and watch him he will hide. Do your cats do that?? It is funniest thing!!
I went to The Smittens show tonight!! It was soooo good! I love them so very much!! Oh nothing is better than good music with sweet skinny pancake and friends!! yey!
The Smittens rocking out at the show!


Kim said...

Eeeeee! SO CUTE! I had to use that second picture as my computer wallpaper!

Daisy said...

I like to hide and then when my Mommie walks by I LEAP out and whap her with my paw. It's very fun.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Goma has such beautiful BLUE eyes!

That was a really fun Friday even if the fondue was stinky! YAY!

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