NEWS: Goma's Sisters Anna & Zuzu Now Has A Blog!!

Oh This is so exciting! Now Goma's real sisters Anna and Zuzu have a blog!! Their mom Kim has created an awesome picture comics and funny stories so please check it out!! OMG Anna and Zuzu is just like Goma, I found a lot of similarities in them!! Like big cute eyes and fat cheeks etc...oh super kool!! They are not from the same litter though, but they DO have same parents!!
Check more fun picture at annabellezuzu.blogspot.com!


meemsnyc said...

Hahahahahha that is such a great photo! Mom is in stitches laughing! That does look like you kitty.

Kim said...

I see similarities in them also, Sachie. Goma seems to have Star's eyes and so does Anna -- those big, very blue "Who me?" eyes, while Zuzu has the thunky, cobby body like Tonka -- which it looks like Goma has too!

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