Goma's Quest For His Babiez!

Inspired by Inga's comics, I decided to take screenshot of Gomacam™ when Goma is on the move!! I hope it is clear enough to read it...so this morning I forgot to put some babies(toys) for him...I could see he is looking for them. I always hide goma's babies because he gets bored easily. I will rotate different toys so that he will still play with it. Sorry Goma I will put your babies tomorrow!! I know a lot of people can not see Goma on Gomacam™. All I can say is keep trying!! I think he is most active in the morning, he will appear pretty often. In the afternoon he is sleeping most of the time so...good luck everybody!


Stifler said...

Hi goma, i wish you no haf babiez haha you iz so cute :)

Anonymous said...

oh i love it sachie!!! LOL the most funny is how you caught only a small piece of him as only half his body was on cam. I love this goma comic strips. Evertbody take goma shot! let's play "where's waldo?" no "WHERE'S GOMA?" -ing

Tybalt said...

Great comic, Sachie!

Tybalt said...

I just had my first Goma sighting! Thanks, Sachie!

Kim said...

Weee have new blog, now! Kim, that our mommy who USED to sign in here as "Anna and Zuzu's mommy" make us BLOG!
Is very very new now and not much to SEEE but weee have blog now!
Tell Goma Brother Mancat!

Here us: http://annabellezuzu.blogspot.com/


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