Goma Eating His Birth Day Cake VIDEO!

Thank you everybody soooo much for coming to Gomas birth day party!! it was just so cool to see a lot of cat friends and human friends here on the blog!!! I know this cake may look gross for humans but it is YUMMY for cats!! Although Goma was hesitant to eat it at first...as you can see in the video he is loving it!! yeyeyeyeyeyey! So people asked me the recipe for this...well it is quite easy.

1 can of cat food
1 organic baby food(squash) looks like jelly.
Few sprinkle of tuna flakes
Few pieces of Anchovies
and of course candles!!

Put the can of cat food upside down on to a plate and evenly spread baby food on top. After that sprinkle tuna flakes and put anchovies on top. That's it!! Your cats will love it!!!


meemsnyc said...

What a great cake! Goma sure likes it!

AkiraDanna said...

I love to watch him go after that cake! Goma is just so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA SO CUTE! lol I love the part 0:30 Goma has a anchovy stuck to his fur and trying to get it, cute as ever Goma!

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