Goma Can Has Big Paws!! And He is Proud of It!!

Today was so awesome!! because I got to see Goma at work!! People always jokingly said Oh! You should get Gomacam!! but now that you really have it it is actually BETTER than awesome!! It is firece!! You know I always wonder what Goma is doing while I am at work...now I know...he is SLEEPING!!! I think he is most active in the morning so try to tune in in the morning if possible. Overall, the first day of Gomacam™ was successful!! I know a lot of people seem enjoying it so I will keep doing this for sure!! It was soooo cute to watch Goma live! He was mostly eating and drinking in front of camera...it was so cute!! Thanks everybody for watching!! See you tomorrow! Goma your big paw paw are just so irresistible!!!


sis said...

Yeah, Goma! You should be proud of your super big paws. I know that they are pretty powerful when you give surprisingly quick punches!!

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Omigosh - Goma you are soooooooo cute, sweetie!

Thanks for making us smile! :)

Rocky, Angie, S'more & our Mommy,
Karen xoxoxoxoxo

Daisy said...

I wish I had big paws!

tay said...

i wonder if he knows we are watching him. i think he does.

AkiraDanna said...

Wow Sachie! That is sooooo cool that you got a Gomacam! How did you do that!? It would be so fun to watch him from work all day. You know, Raimei is very active in the mornings too but mostly he sleeps he rest of the day.

Anonymous said...


ZUZU said...

(Anna is sleeping.)
I's likes your big pawz, GomaMancat Brotherz!
They nice!
Me, I have a white toe!
Sometimes, too, I gives punches with it!
But I only playin!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, Goma, those are some pretty big paws.

purrs and tail wags

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