A GIft From Perry—K9instyle Classic

OMG!! So Perry sent me a gift for Gomas b-day!! yeyeyey!! He sent Yummy real food toppers from complete natural nutrition and also little blue scarf!!! OMG it looks soooo good on Goma!! Thank you so much Perry!! By the way Perry was beloved doggy from K9Instyle Classic where they sell awesome Puppia Harness!! Goma loves Puppia harness that is why Perry became friends!! Anyway, I said Perry was beloved doggy...yes...he was put to sleep March 28th 2008...it was very very sad day for all of us...you can read about him at his blog My Perry.
I cried when I read this post....it was sooooo sad. I can not imagine how hard it would be to put your love one to sleep!!! It will break my heart even just to think about it...Oh Perrys mom, my heart goes out to you!!! Thanks you so much for a gift in such a difficult times too...I appreciated so much! I took some Gama's picture with your gifts!! I hope this will make you laugh a bit!!! Have a nice day!!!

PS, Today Gomacam™ was out half day because somehow the camera has stopped...sorry!! I hope I can figure out why...Gomacam™is on in the morning hour for sure! please try to check him in the morning maybe you will catch him!!


Anonymous said...

i nearly cried when i read about perry. his owner is strong and my heart goes out to her. it makes me so afraid to lose my cat one day as it is inevitable. i am going to hug my cat and kiss him lots right now! and just appreciate him while he's alive and healthy. please do the same with gomas. <3

Tybalt said...

How wonderful and sweet that you got presents from Perry, and how sad that he is no longer with us.

Goma, you are TOO CUTE for words! I think you look very handsome in your scarf.

Patty Skypants said...

In September we lost Sofie, a beautiful black, long-haired puss who was born in our bedroom closet in May 1989. In July, we had taken her to the vet to have her coat shaved for the summer and she had a stroke, went blind and by September could not even stand. So I had to take her in and petted and cooed at her while they gave her the shot. I sobbed and wailed and just didn't stop crying for hours! So she was 126 cat years old when she died. I guess that's pretty good, but it wasn't long enough for me. It was very confusing for Bhu. To this day, if he sees a black sweater or bag on the floor, chair or bed he thinks it's her and goes into stalking mode! Bhu, you SILLY PUSS!

Anna and Zuzu's mommy said...

I am happy Goma loves his new presents.

I went to Perry's blog and oh, so sad! I have Anna and Zuzu directly as a result of losing my first Himalayn, Little Girl, just over a year ago now -- I missed Little Girl so much I just HAD to have white, fluffy fur with little points again and found Suzette online and eventually wound up with not one, but TWO Himmie kittens.

Four months later, when Anna and Zu were still so little, I lost Smoosh, my black and white kitty of 15 years. I still can't allow myself to fully think about her death just yet.

But osing them was horrible. My chest felt crushed and I couldn't eat. I kept walking around looking for tufts of thier little fur and going out to thier grave in the backyard the minute the sun came up each day -- like I just couldn't fully accept they were gone.

So I understand, Perry's Family.
Hugs to you all -- and Perry was just beautiful!

anna and zuzu's mommy said...

On a happier note: WHERE'S THAT GOMA? WAKE UP, GOMA! I can't see you on GOMACAM!

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Goma! You are just the cutest little guy! You look very handsome in your new scarf :)

We are so sad to hear about Perry's passing. Our Mommy gets very upset when she hears stories like this :(

P.S. We are sad because we can't seem to get GomaCam to work on our computer! We will keep trying, though!

Purrs and headbutts,
Rocky, Angie, & S'more xo

Catia said...

Hey Sachie-I read about Perry and I felt so sad for that poor doggy! I kinda wish I had met her. It was a long journey of suffering that she had to endure, but thank God it is over!But still made me come close to tears!

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