Hi! Today Gomacam™ is working!! Yey! Bye the way the Gas people will come into my apartment to check something AGAIN. So please don't freak out when you see them on Gomacam™ it is okay.


Stifler said...

Hi Goma's mom
Whoa! Goma is even more cuter at gomacan!
thank you for let me use the gomacan's server
You're a very cool person, there are few in this world

Now, i'm my cam, i'm running in the wheel hehe

Now, i'm sleeping

Now, i'm eetin' a sunflower

Whoa! this is so cool, Goma is looking at the window!

Daisy said...

Whoa, good idea to mention that the Gas man will be in your apartment. It would be a little nerve wracking to watch what we might think was an intruder in your home!

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