Supa Close Up Goma Drinking Water! VIDEO!!

OH I love this video!! Turn up the volume to hear cute sound of Goma drinking water!! Everytime he drink, his chest hair gets wet!! so funny!!


Daisy said...

Goma, it is very funny how you watch the camera while you are drinking! You sure do get wet while you are drinking.

sis said...

Oooooooooooh!! I miss Gomaaaaa!! I wanna hug his right now!

Anna and Zuzu's Mommy said...

Ohhhh Goma, you are WONDERFUL!
(Zuzu's chubby furry body is literally blocking my computer screen as I type. CUTE!)

Anna and Zuzu said...

Weeeeeee made picturez for u, Goma Brother!




Weeeeee iz new at Photobucking.
Weeeeee hope those linkz workz!

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