NEW Goma Desktop Wallpaper Up For Grab!!

So I haven't been posting desktop wallpaper for a while. My sister took some great photos of Goma so I decided to make desktop wallpaper!! I love this picture...He looks like a model...Now you can see Goma's picture all the time!! How awesome is that lol!! I hope you enjoy them!! Just click on the image you want and use it!!
Wide screen 1680x1050



AkiraDanna said...

What cute desktop wallpaper!! I'll have to watch the video you posted tomorrow when I have some more time. Goma has suck pretty eyes in the wallpapers!!

tedo said...

Thanks sachie!

Tybalt said...

Too cute, Sachie!

Antonino said...

Now "me can has" Goma on my desktop all the time!!
So cute.

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