I Can Has Eye Envy!!

Hoooraaaay! Now I can blog about Eye Envy!! I got this set about 5 days ago, I waited to post it because I wanted to use it first to see if there is any difference in Gama's eyes. Goma has been using it once a day now for 5 days and I am seeing difference! I noticed his eyes are less teary and wet! I had to clean at least twice a day before I use Eye Envy now I only use once. Goma is all good to go rest of the day!! I LOVE it!! His eyes looks very clean and nice now! I recommend to get starter kit first to see if your cats will like it. It came with solution, pads and powder. I prefer to use cotton balls instead of pads but they are great!! try it you and your kitteh will love it!! To see how to capply Eye Envy, please refer to Suzettes instruction video on her blog!!


Daisy said...

I might need to try that stuff. I have one watery eye and it makes my furs dirty sometimes.

Anna and Zuzu said...

Ooooh, you PRETTY Goma Brother Man Cat!
Weeeeeee like this Eye envy, may be.
May be not, tho.
Sometimes, weeeeeeeeeeee get wiggly when we has our eyezes cleaned.

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