Goma Will be On Vacation 3/8-3-13

Okay so...I haven't been taking vacation forever so I need to take one now...My sister and I will be in NYC next five days. I will take computer there so I might be able to post things but I might not be able to...please don't worry about Goma, he will be staying woth Vanessa and Eric and their cats squid and Ika. Goma is friends with them so it will be fun for him also!! Vanessa and Eric took Goma this morning and I was missing him already!! I will suffer massive separation anxiety for next 5 days...I know Vanessa and Eric will take good care of Goma so I am not worry. I just miss him!!! Please come back soon for more Goma awesomeness!!

Meanwhile, I will leave this video for you to enjoy!


AkiraDanna said...

Have fun in New York Sachie! I love New York City so much! I'm sure you and Satomi will have a very fun time in the city!

vanessa said...

eric was right. he figured you would bring your computer.

Goma update:

he has staked out two places where he always is- one is wedged between some pipes and beams in the basement where he looks like a scary piece of insulation and the other is wedged under our liquor and onion cabinet.

Hope you guys are having fun.

eat some strange things for us!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Love this vid, Goma reminds me of a wooly bear caterpillar!

Have a great vacation ladies! Paint the town RED!

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Tybalt said...

Have fun on your vacation, Sachi! I am sure Goma is missing you, too.

Undead Molly said...

"... liquor and onion cabinet". I love you guys.

Let's bring Goma downtown and use him as a spanging prop!

Rossetti and Kirara said...

Awww, have a good vacation Sachie and Goma!!! We will miss seeing what Goma is up to!!!!


Rossetti and Kirara
of The Kiaton Empire

vanessa said...


he is really floppy. i've never experienced a cat as boneless as goma. this gets more incredible as he gets older- i think its because he is HUGE. he is a lot bigger than ika or squid (who are both sizable cats) and he's not even a year old.

Undead Molly said...

Spanging = begging for spare change

Like the dirty hippies do using their dogs and ferrets and human infants for additional sympathy points. We could use Goma and say he needs an operation or something. We could make a ton of money!

vanessa said...

then we can go out an purchase nice jewelry. sachie has requested him back by tomorrow night. So we need to move on this.

meemsnyc said...

What a nice video. Kitty is so cute. Cute belly to rub.

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