Goma Finds His Sisters

OMG! Today I have very exciting news!!! Goma found sisters!! This is Annabelle and Zuzu! they somehow found Goma from gazillions of Internet pages lol! They are not from same litter as Goma but they have same parents!! Tonka and Star!! So that will make them Gama's sisters!! omg! I ams so excited because this is one of the reason why I started this blog!! I wanted to connect with Gama's brothers and sisters!! They are so cute they do the same show you the belly move Goma does often to get attention!! Oh its so wonderful!! Thanks Annabelle and Zuzu for sending us your pictures!! They are so funny and sweet! You guys are BEAUTIFUL!!! Please visit their Catster profiles for more pictures of them!!

Ohhh!! This is so irresistible!! I wanna rub your stomach!!

Ohh don't cry Zuzu!! Goma will always be your brother!! maybe be someday you will see him!!

I can has sistaz!!! He thinks all good exciting things are yummy.


AkiraDanna said...

OMG! That is so neat!!! I can't believe Goma has found sisters from the same parents! Go Goma!

meemsnyc said...

Oh Goma, How fantastic that you found your sisters!

Happy Easter!

Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Weeeeee love you Goma!
Weeeeee will make MORE pictures for you soon!

tay said...

How exciting! Francois' sister Xena lives with Ben. Someday it would be great if they could meet!

snowforest said...

Wow ~ how purrety are they ~ Annabelle and Zuzu ~ just like Goma - you guys are totally adorable and sooo cute!
We iz furry glad for you guys ~ hope you are able to meet some day and have lots of fun :)
Many purrs and concatulations from the SnowForest family :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YAY! GOma has sisters too! Me thinks you need to have a SISTER/CAT convention! Can me and MArgot come??!

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