Goma Back From Vacation!

Hi!! we are finally back! Sorry I wanted to update this blog last night but I was soooooo tired I fall sleep like 9pm!! lol! Goma came home around 5:30 he was sniffing around the house didn't pay too much attention to me or my sister. I don't know why he look cuter than EVER to me. I was hugging and talking to him all the time. Eric said Goma and his friends were playing together all the time in the house. He does this thing "hiding in the basement ceiling". He will stay there for hours Eric said. It's funny he did that when we went to Eva's house too!! Anyway, NYC trip was a BLAST!!! We did soooo many thing I can't even count!! We did: Shopping(Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, Sepora, Juicy Couture, Anna Sui, Mongo, Coach, Macy's, Muji Anthropologie and other little select shops.) We ate: Dim sam, Chipotle, Japanese Ramen, Cuban food, Korean food, Pinkberry, Hotdog, pizza, Cakes and bagels etc... We visited: MOMA, Broadway show, Times square, Petco, Chelsea galleries etc...OMG I know we did more but I forgot!!! We are soooo satisfy with our trip now that we have no regret of anything now!! NYC is the place to be for sure! So exciting!

Okay enough about me! Now Goma!! Here is the video we took after the trip!! He is alive and well as you can see... I think after Goma left the house Squid was sad... this is what Eric said:

"Squid really looked after the guy. He would get concerned and worried for Goma everytime we cleaned and brushed him. We think he was afraid that we were hurting Goma, and he would check Goma to see if he was OK when we set him down. So cute, cats checking to see if other cats are OK."

More picture update to come!


Daisy said...

Goma, you are back! Hooray!

ps: I get many of my fanciest outfits from Build a Bear. My Mommie cannot sew. She could not even make clothes for me if she used glue.

AkiraDanna said...

Hi Sachie! It sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time in NYC! That video of Goma is too cute! He seems happy to play that's for sure!

La Gata Lola said...

OMG! You look so cute playing with your toy! You are lovely! :)

Kisses n Hugs! =n.n=

Anonymous said...

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Rossetti and Kirara said...

GOMA!!!! you are back from vacation!!!! We missed seeing you everyday, but are glad you had lots of fun while your Momma and Auntie were away! Thank you for your very kind comment, we are truely trying to become fashion supa stars. Take care!!!!

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