Farewell My Sister, Goma's Aunt!!

My sister is going home today. She is leaving us to Japan and Mexico. Very very upsetting...She will move to Mexico beginning of next month. I appreciate her coming to see us even though she had such busy schedule. This 3 weeks, we had so much fun!! It seems like she just came here yesterday.... I know it is very hard for Goma because he really LOVES her. I know he will miss her a lot since he has to stay home by himself from now on and nobody to play with... I know PIKO my sisters cat miss her too much already so I had to let her go!!! sorry Goma! I hope Satomi can come back again real soon.Supa awesome video journalist Eva came over to have dinner with us the other night. Eva brought Gama's BCFF-best cat friend forever Crawford with her. I have tons of picture to share with you also but she already put tongs of pictures at her blog along with PHOTO COMIC!! YEY!! I think photo comic is taking over the blogging world!! lol! so please check funny comic of Goma and Crawford at Deadbeat club blog!! Thank you Eva~!!


La Traductora said...

Yo amo tu gato!
I love your cat!
I hope your sister is happy in Mexico!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Goodbye Satomi, have safe and exciting travels! It was so lovely to meet you and thanks for the fun treats!

You guys inspired me with the kitteh comicz! We luvs BCFF!!!

Karen Jo said...

Poor Goma. I know he will miss Satomi very much. I hope she has safe and wonderful travels.

Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Oh Goma -- weeeee are sorry your Auntie Satomi is going away! But weeeee came back today to read more about you! This our new favorite blog and weeeeeee plan to go back and read EVERYTHING! Our owner thinks you are VERY VERY CUTE and wants to SQUEEZE you!

We are happy to learn that you are OUR BROTHER!

Here is MORE US:
http://www.catster.com/cats/466502 for Anna
for Zuzuzuzu!

If you have Catster page, weeeee could be friends with yooooou!

Weeeee wish weeeee could help you with your hairballs, but weeeeee don't get them much -- may be weeeeee just lucky? (Weeeee DO get poopy stuck on our fluffy pants sometimes, tho. That's YUCKY but we can't help it with all that FLUFFY!!!)

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Annabelle and Zuzu!! you is maii sisters!! Mai mom can has sister and she go home. me dont know why...where is you? can you come here play with mee? me is always bored in da housez. Me get puppy butts too. that's why mai mum call me puppy paws. Me dont car cuz me is cute.

Daisy said...

Bye-bye Goma's auntie! Come again soon!

Anna and ZUZUZUZUZU! said...

Weeeee live in Connecticut, about 4 hours from you. Is kinda far to have play date, I guess -- that is sad. Maybe someday tho!

But YES, weeeeee don't care about poopy butts EITHER because weeeee are fluffy and cutie-wooties too!
Do you have little tufts of fur between your toes like us? I bet you do! Our mommy laughs because our fur is sooooooo long sometimes you can't see our legs and that makes us look really chubby!

AkiraDanna said...

Aww, too bad Satomi has to go so soon. I'm sure the three of you had such fun together. Best wishes to you Satomi as you move to Mexico. Aww, and Goma all by himself during the day...that's just like Raimei...no mommy to play with!

Wrigley & Cobalt said...

We are sorry to hear your auntie has to leave. But happy to hear that you had such wonderful time together! maybe she will come visit you again soon.

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