Toygers The Next Big Thing!

So, my co-woorker Michael told me about this new exciting breed of cat called TOYGER. I am serious. Now I have been to hard-core cat show last week, I am more familiar with cats breeds but I never knew this is coming!! OMG!! The National Geographic News tells us that it is even registered in TICA since 1993! Only 350 toygers registered in the world!! So peolemust be wondering how much this Toyger cost?? well $4000!! Toyger is created with mixture of Tabby and Leopard cat...well it looks like it came through as a defect of Bengal cat.I am worry that this cat might have a lot of problems...but it is sure looks like real tiger!! Maybe I will see them next cat show? That will be amazing!

•Watch abc news video
•Toygers VS Tigers by National Geographic
•It's a house cat! It's a tiger! by Life

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