STUCK IN VT—Cat Show video is just IN!!!

O.M.G!!! Finally we have a video of cat show on Stuck in Vermont, Eva Sollberger's video vlog! I was almost harassing her to see this video everyday since the last week's cat show(I am so sorry, I can be really really annoying). Anyway, Eva totally captured the excitement and energy of amazing cat show!! Every interview was soooo genuine and heart felt. Those people who truly LOVE their cats and to be around sooo many of them at once was breathtaking experience!! I am now so addicted to cat show!! very dangerous!! lol! I love the comment of one Siamese breeder, he said 3 Siamese curled up in your bed and 2 other ones around his head...it's pretty good way to wake up. How awesome is that!! I know that feeling! They give us so much love, loves that gives back, unconditional love!! Kitty power yes!! I love all the cats and cat people in this video! Eva thank you so much for such a wondeful video!


Lori said...

Sachie, this made my day! Got that warm feeling inside after watching this, want to go home to my kitties and curl up with them, but stuck at VT. ALL those kitties are so cute, wish I went to the show both days. Agree, the interviews were genuine, and loved the music, montage the last few minutes. Eva did a good job. I'm very proud to say I'm a crazy cat lady.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Ya totally Lori!! Cats are just so wonderful!! I love them!! Eva did such a good job I agree!! You should have come to cat show! I would love to meet you there!! Maybe next year?? But at least you get to see the video!! This is all good stuff you haven't miss anything!! thanks Lori!!

Anonymous said...

Sachie- I was sad the cat show was over and that it would be another whole year before I could take Iris to it again. She has been going to the cat show in Burlington since 2004 (she was 22 months old at her first cat show).
I started to look around for some other cat shows that are close by. I did find one in Connecticut in a few weeks. We won't really go but it was fun to think about it. There is a list of cat shows connected to the Fancy Feline people.
I will let you know how the presentation went when i see Iris after school. I will get you a piture of her toy Himalayan too. It might take a while as I don't really know how to send to a blog. This is the first blog we have commented on!
We will check in soon!

Meow- Michelle and Iris

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Oh I know I am so sad that Cat show is over!!! I know I have to wait another year for this... Oh Connecticut show will be too far for me to go...I am sure Goma's breeder Suzette is going!! Ya let me know wbaout Iris's presentation!! I am so glad you can join me to this cat blogging fun!! See you soon!


paula said...

Sachi, I hope to see Goma in the cat show next year! Go Goma!!

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