More Cat Show Pics!!

Eva send me these cute pictures today as sneak preview of what is coming on next Stuck in VT video!! It should come on this Thursday!! I can't wait!! It will be awesome!! So I am not very good at identifying the breeds of cat...when it comes to pt and color...man I have no idea!! So I am asking people to help me!! I did best I could but correct me if I'm wrong!! This pictures were taken at Parade of Cats event. This lady introduced different breeds of cat and tell us more about them! Enjoy the pictures!!Russian Blue.
Maine Coon.
SINGAPURA! Thanks Lori!!
Javanese. This is final answer!! Thanks Michelle and Iris for this!! And Thanks Molly too!
This is Exotic (similar face at the persian but shorter hair). Thanks for Michelle for giving me the right information!!
Persian!! The same cat in Fancy Feast TV spot!!


Anonymous said...

HI- We met you at the cat show. Iris talked to you and Eva about the cat show. Iris is in one of your pictures of the "Parade of Breeds" she is trying to take a picture of the cat in the spot light at the moment. Remember us?
The cat above the Persian is an Exotic (similar face at the persian but shorter hair).
The cream colored cat's name is "Nina" (a new friend of Iris). I have multiple pictures of her and Iris together. She is from Long Island, NY. The breed is escaping me at the moment but I have it in our cat show stuff and can look it up later. Iris met her at the show that day.
Glad we found you!
Meow from Michelle and Iris!

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Oh yes!! Hi Michelle and Iris! It was very nice to meeting you guys!! I LOVE Iris she is such a cute girl!! Thanks for the info!! I will update it right now! Nice to meet you again!!

Lori said...

Hi! I think the white-creamish one is a Turkish Angora? and the malaysian cat, so petite and pretty is a SINGAPURA. Hope this info helps... cant wait to see video, Stuck in VT!

Glad to see Goma got so many presents from the show! Christmas all over again! It's my siamese kitty's b-day today... 10 yrs old.

ciao! kitty lovers, til next time...

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Hi Lori Thanks for helping me with the names!! Dah! I thought the INGAPURA is from Malaysia! lol!! I know Christmas all over again...no more toys for goma at least for a while...

Undead Molly said...

Hi Sachie! Turkish Angoras have more/longer hair than this cat, and this cat has a classic wedge skull. I'm pretty sure it's a flame point Oriental shorthair.

tay said...

i wish they had had a scottish fold or two, but i didn't see any. did you?

Undead Molly said...

I could be wrong! That's what it looks like to me, though. I think a Turkish Angora would have a visible ruff and more long hair in the ears - they have these long, silky guard hairs all over.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

No Tay, I didnt see Scotish Fold at all. I was looking forward to meeting them also...maybe next year!

Molly, It is okay, if it is wrong then...someone else will correct it I hope!! Thanks though I know it is tough to know which breed is what!

Undead Molly said...

Sachie, now that I've seen the video of that cat, I think it's a flame point Oriental longhair. Chris concurs. Which would make sense with what Lori had said because Oriental longhairs are called Angoras in the UK, so someone at the show might have been calling her an Angora. But they are not the same as a Turkish Angoras - that is a separate breed with very different lineage. Oriental shorthairs, longhairs, and Balinese were bred from Siamese cats which originated in Thailand.

Turkish Angoras really are from Turkey, Balinese cats are not really from Bali, and Siamese really are from Siam which is now called Thailand.

Confusing, eh?!?

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Ohh! Thanks Molly!! Are you sure about this? I gonna change it now!! You are cat expart!! Thank you~!!

Undead Molly said...

LOL! A Javanese is an Oriental longhair. Same cat, different names. There are many names for this breed depending on who you ask.

colorpoint Oriental longhair
longhaired Havana brown (if brown)
colorpoint Balinese (actually in all cat associations except for the CFA they are registered as Balinese)

Different breeders and associations from have all called it something different.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Oh Molly! I have no idea one breed have so many names!! man...such a educational thing for me! And very confusing grr. Anyway I am looking forward to see you tonight!!

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