Look! What Goma Gave me for Christmas!! BFF Forever!!

Wow! This Christmas was the best Christmas EVER for me!! A lot of people went above and beyond to give us a lot of crazy gifts!! Thank you sooooooo much!! When I look back this year, all I can remember is Goma related events like...getting Goma for the first time...going to bike ride with Goma...taking Goma to Vet etc...I really can not imagine my life without him anymore!! The biggest event and the greatest gift I got this year have to be Goma! Yes I got Nintendo DS, Digital Camera and Snowboards but NOTHING is compare to getting GOMA!!! I just want to thank everybody for the support on this blog, I have had such a great time doing this blog because of you! so thanks!! I am planning to take this blog to another level next year, sharing the cuteness of Goma with people all over the world!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and NEW YEAR everybody! Sachie and Goma.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Awesome! I see Goma bringing joy ALL over the world! Happy Xmas you two!!

vanessa said...

Merry Christmas Sachie and Goma!

(from jo & vanessa & eric & ika & squid)

i love how goma looks like a little demon in the wrapping sequence, when he's peering from under the bag... soo cute. soo demonic.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Thanks Eva and Vanessa!! I am sure we will have an awesome Christmas!! Eva I will see you tomorrow though!

How is Cli Vanessa?? I hope you are enjoying the weather!! I lov how you put(from jo & vanessa & eric & ika & squid)in there!! so funny! Thanks both! I hope you are having awesome Holiday!!

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