Goma Starring in The Smittens Music Video!!

Today, Goma became music video star with THE SMITTENS, an awesome local band who was singing behind of 7days Stuck in Vt Goma video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their music and they are working on new album right now!!I cant wait!! Eva is directing the music video so she asked us to be part of it!! How awesome is that!! Anyway, the entire time Goma was exploring the library, smelling the books hiding underneath the table etc... I think he was overwhelmed with all the people and camera so he was little bit freaking out. But I think he did great job being a star he is!! lol! I really can not wait to see this video finished!! We had such a good time!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Goma and Esse and Smittens and Barnes is SUPA STAHSSS!

Love you guys, that was really fun!

PS Sachie, I think I have Goma's water bowl??

David said...

Dear Goma,
It was really great to meet you in the flesh (fur?). You are super rad.
David from the Smittens

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Oh Ya EVA!! I think I forgot Gomas water bowl!! Thanks for let us be part of the video! I really really can not wait to see it!! You are supa sthaa Eva!

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Hai David!! It was soooo nice to finally meet you! I am sorry Goma couldnt stay too long...as you know he has very busy schedule...lol! Smittens rocks!! I love you guys!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I know, we are lucky Goma was able to squeeze us in. His press agent has him on a very tight schedule! ;)

Sachie, I will get you your water bowl! Maybe drop it off at work next week?? Or we can do lunch!?

HAPPY NEW YEAR GOMA AND SACHIE!!! '08 is gonna rock! Goma for President!

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Hai Eva!! You are so so so welcome~! Yes he is booked so tight that I need to watch him now!! Oh sounds good, I dont really need the bowl but I will make that excuse to see you lol! 2nd week of Jan sounds puuurfect! Lets do lunch! Happy NEW Year Eva the awesome deadbeat jurnalist!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YAY! I can't wait! You have to meet Crawford too!! I do not know if GOma would like Lucy the dog though?

I am editing Goma RIGHT NOW! (and blogging him) What a STAR!

See you soon! xox

Littlest said...

Goma and Sachie thank you so much! I was excited to finally meet the famous Goma! Goma you is a superstar! xoxo, Holly

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