Goma at Pulay!

So, I was just looking at some Goma album, and found these photos Vanessa and Eric send it to me when I went to VA for vacation around October!! I loooove those pictures soooo much so I decided to posted now! Goma LOVES Squid, Squid is the orange cat you see in the picture. When I went to their house on Thanksgiving, Goma and Squid were inseparable!! They are best-friends! I hear Squid was so upset and mad at Vanessa and Eric because he thinks they took Goma away from him....soooo cute!! On the other hand Goma didn't even seems to care if he was alone or with some other cat...He is really something... ok I hope you all enjoy! Puuurrrrs!

1 comment:

Piko said...

I am absolutely a big fan of your photo comics!! I think Goma chased spiders away from home.

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