Cat Cafe Opens in Tokyo!!

OMG!! This article is amazing!! People will pay $7 an hour to visit Cat cafe where 14 well-brushed and shampooed cats hang out said Yahoo news. A lot of people in Tokyo can't own cats due to allergies or housing regulations. So this cafe make sense for them! I know being close to animals will actually improve your health!! and I know this because of my personal experiences!! Everytime I feel sick Goma comes over and purrrs very gently, it seems like my whole sickness went away!! I think I should do this in Burlington lol! Cat cafe how brilliant is that!? Seriously, this is my dream to have cat cafe! It's so awesome! Okay back to the Tokyo cat cafe...this is their main website. You can see more photos but it is Japanese sorry!! Read full Yahoo NEWS article HERE.

1 comment:

sis said...

WOW!!! I wanna hang out there!! It would be like heaven to all the crazy cat lady!

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