PIKO In the Tunnel

Haha, I love the videos my sister post. Its sooo amazing that PIKO is growing so much! She is such a energetic kitteh!! So playful! I can just watch her hours and hours and I dont get nothing done! Well sometime it is the case with Goma...I will just space out watching Goma...Oh he went to Eric and Vanessas place again and played with his best buddy cat Squid. It is so adorable how they bonded together. Squid is very sweet and gentle towards Goma,he is just like Gomas big brother. When Goma is in their house Squid and Goma is inseparable! They will follow each other around, play together and pounce!! Its sooooo fun to watch Goma interact with other cats!! Anyway, now Goma is home totally past out!! He will not even respond lol!! I think he slept almost all day still not enough...I am glad he had so much fun!


Undead Molly said...

Hello! I am a friend of Eric and Vanessa, and also a crazy cat lady. My boyfriend and I have two Siamese named Victor and Bea and we love them very, very much.

I just wanted to say 'hi' and I love your blog! Goma is a very lucky kitty to have such a loving mom.

michico*Adan said...


Seeing this kitten coming through and back off back off, Wowwwww, so cute~!!!!!!

I wanna kiss PIKO~!

moshix2 said...

Ohhh Thanks for the comments! I love new ppl come to visit Goma!! Molly, I know cats are so wonderful!! I am so glad they are part of our lives...sometimes I cant imagine how my life would be without Goma! Seriously! I will tell Vanessa and Eric that you came to visit us!! and Micico~! thanks for such a nice comment! I know I am dying to kiss PIKO too!! Your kitty is so cute!!

sis (Piko's owner) said...

I am so glad someone loves Piko's video so much!! Piko sometimes makes me forget how small she is because she is so athletic and jumps around the room. Her existance is huge in my family. I'll keep posting, so please check them out!

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