Orphaned owls find new cuddly-toy mum!!

This is amazing and also very heart warming story about lost baby owls! When I read this article I was just overwhelmed by the hardship these fluffy owls went through in their lives...reported by daily mail. "Two of them, brother and sister Oscar and Olivia, aged four weeks were brought in by a concerned dog walker who found them being clawed to death by a pair of cats. A fluffy baby aged around six weeks called Thomas was taken to the animal centre by a member of the public who spotted him lying on the edge of a busy road.And tiny eight-week-old Tamsin narrowly escaped a nasty end when she was discovered by a cyclist tottering along a popular bike path through a forest."How sad and tragic is that!!! I can not imagine how hopeless they were at this kind of situation!! Daily mail said the group have all bonded and snuggle up close to each other and to the cuddly toy owl dubbed 'mummy owl', which has to be washed regularly because she gets so much love. lol!! how cute are they seriously!! I really really hope that they all will grown up the be strong and beautiful owls and have a happy life!! Read the whole article HERE.

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paula said...

This is such a heartwarming story - where plush life helps real life. I always knew we had value well above the price tag in the shop. I'll try and get the website owners to feature this story on www.bestplushlife.com

Paula (a plush life blogger)

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