Me Mized u~!

Okay it is time for another short comic. This past Wednesday, I went to Catia & Buck's place to watch Project Runway season 4 premier!! It's been so long I haven't visited their house...so Goma didn't see Mimi for long time also. It was so funny as soon as we get there he will recognize purple plastic ball which Mimi was running around with. He will sit right next to it and just touch and sniff etc... When we get there around 9pm, Mimi was still sleeping so we had to wait till she wakes up and put her into the purple ball!! Goma went crazy he will follow her everywhere!! It's amazing how he remembered Mimi and purple ball!! I wish I could video tape them but the lighting was very bad so I decided not to...Anyway, you guys should watch this season's Project Runway!! It looks like we have very good candidate, very interesting members.

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