Eva Sollberger From 7 Days Came to Interview Goma!

This Saturday, Eva from 7 days came over to interview Goma and me. 7 says is Burlington local paper. Eva has an awesome blog called Stuck in Vermont, which introduce various events around town in Video format. Well how she got to know me is kinda long story. Her co-worker Cathy mentioned about my blog in her blog 802 Online. From Cathy, Eve got to know this blog... oh Eva is supa nice lady and she is kind of crazy cat lady too!! so we bonded immediately!! It was so cool to talk to her about this blog and Goma. The video will come out tomorrow at her blog so...check them out!!


tedo said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Goma is so famous.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Goma iz Superstah!!!

Please tell Goma I am sorry for holding him too long! My own cats can attest to the fact that I squeeze them too long!

Thanks to you and Goma for letting me come over with my camera! I hope you like the vlog!

Hurrah for crazy cat ladies!

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