Shower of Kat Kisses

Goma got new stuffed toys this Sunday!! I have 3 small animals which he will bite till it tears!! Anyway I thought it is soooo cute that Goma is playing with other cute animal toys!! it is just cute overload for me!! Oh, last night Goma started to do new thing which is trying to smell my face every chance he gets!! I was sitting on the floor and he will always try to put his face close to mine. It is like he is trying to kiss me all the time! lol!! It is just cutest thing in the whole world!! Imagine little kitty give you kisses all the time!! It is another cuteoverload for me!! I hope he never stops I really love it! Do your cats do that too?? Let me know!!

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

Hello! I love your blog! I make videos at Seven Days and would like to talk to you about doing a vlog on you, your cat and your blog about your cat! Let me know if this interests you!

thanks, Eva

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