NEWS: Cat Saves Woman from Escaped Tiger

Ramses, a Sphynx cat owned by 65 year-old Woman Emma, saves her from eacaped tiger!!! And awarded a Medal of Courage by the Governor of Texas!! Wow!! Without regard for his own safety, Ramses leaped from his owner’s arms and ran straight for the tiger.Accorfing to the Austin Probe,

The two felines squared off amid shocked onlookers, and for some time just stared at one another.Then the tiger roared at the tiny cat and took a swipe with its paw, just missing the quick-moving Ramses. It was a moment when most cats in their right minds would have turned tail and ran. But not Ramses … not on this day.

The 10-pound hairless cat drew himself up and “roared” back with all he was worth, baring his teeth while hissing and growling.

Much to the dismay of everyone present, Sasha the 400-pound Siberian tiger turned and ran in the other direction...

Read full story at The Austin Probe.

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