Japanese Subway Door Sticker

Hi! Chris send me this funny subway sticker today! So I am posting it. It is funny how Japanese people use animal to warn people...I have noticed that Japanese love cute things on everything!! I doubt cat will ever be on Subway but it is nicer and cuter than just a warning sign. I think US should use more cute things like this to make people happy!
Oh, I forgot to tell you all, that my Youtube video is now marked 30 videos!! I can not believe how many I've posted...I started to post on Youtube mainly because I want to post them here on my blog but now my Youtube page is getting busy also! Which is nice that people all over the world can see Goma too! Anyway, if you haven't check my Youtube channnel click HERE. and see all the Goma videos!

1 comment:

Angel said...

I agree! <3 I think Japans cute culture is amazing! That's so nice that your were born there! I want to go to Japan very, very much! <3

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