Goma Thinks He is Hiding In this Picture...lol!

Hi! How are you all? I hope you guys had a good weekend. It's really getting cold here in Burlington,VT...and I didn't have any heat in my apartment so it was tough for me...but Goma seems to enjoy this weather! Of course he has this tick fur around him. I was hugging him all the time because he is so warm!! He is like a heat ball!! But I don't think he liked it though...he didn't let me hold him too much...When I don't pay attention to him he will follow me around, rubbed against my legs etc...but when I do pay attention to him he will want to get away. What's up with that!? Anyway, Goma really likes to stay in narrow and cold places like next to toilet...He will stay there pretend like he is hiding and I can not see him... sorry for all the makeup things is showing.

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