Goma and Diarhea

Hi! I have an update on Goma's diarrhea. I called my Vet yesterday and they gave me 2 prescription medicine to try. One is Arbun(maybe I am miss spelling...)and other is Metamucil. The vet recommended me to try Arbun first so I did last night. I mixed with wet food and gave it to him. He ate it all!! This morning I didn't see him pooping so I still don't know his stomach situation is better...but I will continue giving him Arbun until his diarhea is totally gone. Laurie said he probably got diarrhea because he missed me and changes of environment was bit stressful for him. Which is understandable because Goma is now more and more affectionate everyday. Now he will follow me very closely around the house never leave my side. Also in the morning he will curl up next to my head purrring constantly. This morning was sweetest he was sleeping holding my fingers!! soooooo cute!! I really think he missed me;-( Which make me rethink about going back home(Japan) end of this year...because if I go home, I will leave at least 2 and half weeks...which is too much for Goma. He might get really sick if I do that...I think I need to cancel my travel plans...Anyway thanks everybody for giving me suggestions especially Laurie, Tay, and Lara!

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