Goma and a Lady Bug

Goma was so funny last night. He found small lady bug in the ceiling of my room, he went nuts! He really have good eyes because I didn't see it at all! it's tiny! But Goma was looking at it so intensely that I found it so amusing. Anyway, the lady bug finally fell off the ceiling that's when Goma got to eat it!! well..he couldn't really eat it because lady bug sprayed him with stinky smell! He had to let it go! I was laughing at him because his face was really stinky for a while...but I thought it was so funny and cute of course. I hope he learned a lesson to leave lady bugs alone.

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Catia said...

Hey Sachie!! I thought it was so funny that Goma got sprayed by a bug...I told Buck and he thinks it was a stinky bug instead...but they are kinda big, and you said this one was pretty tiny...Oh well...I just didn't know lady bugs spray!!!! On the winter, Buck's parents' house is full of them!!!!!Hope they won't get me stinky!!

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