Rachel and Grant meet Goma!! and some Goma updates!

I know I am on vacation but I have to post this picture for you guys to see!! This is my friend Rachel and Grant(aren't they so cute?). They have been saying they want to see Goma and they finally did! They also has Persian cat name Ben. I met him the other day, he is really gorgeous!
My vacation is going awesomely. I've met many of my friends here in VA/DC/MD...Today I went to Target store which we don't have in Burlington(how lame is that!?). I saw many many exciting stuff there but most intriguing thing I found was cat's Halloween costume!! OMG I bought one costume for Goma and it is so funny! lol! I can't wait to share it with you guys!! I also bought remote control mouse toy. I think I am buying more stuff for Goma than me...oh well that's okay. He is my baby and he deserve it!!
I also wanted to give you some updates on Goma. He is staying with Vanessa and Eric right now and they have 3 other cats. They said Goma is playing with them everyday, trying to get to know each other. It looks like Goma is having so much fun. I am afraid he wouldn't want to go home with me!! Oh and most importantly, thanks Catia for sending me this picture! You rock!

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Team Tabby said...

We are glad to hear you are having a great vacation. Goma seems to be very happy staying with your friends. We're anxious to see him in his Halloween costume.

Moe & Mindy

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