Goma Drinking from Faucet VIDEO!

Hello, I'm uploading new video of Goma drinking from bathroom faucet. Somehow he does that once in a while... Anyway, I forgot to mention that I will be away whole next week. I am going to see my friends at VA and also visiting my former school in MD. I am so excited about this BUT at the same time very worry about Goma. I think I will have extreme separation anxiety from Goma...I have never been separated from Goma since I got him back in May. Honestly, I don't know what will I do without Goma!! I hope I can handle this..this will be my biggest challenge ever! well okay, maybe not but very close....Goma will be staying with my most trusted friends Vanessa and Eric. They have 3 cats in their house right now and Goma likes all of them. I don't know if you remember the post when I visited them...yeah, Goma will be well taking care of...so please not to worry...so I won't be updating my blog Spet 22nd-29th. Please don't think I abandon this blog!! I will be back!

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