Goma and his New Friend Mimi!

Sorry for not updating this weekend!! As many of you know Goma spilled water on my laptop the other day...I can not use keyboard anymore!! Anyway, Goma and I visit my friend Buck and Catia's place last Sunday. Catia has a cute white Hamster call "Mimi". When I went there Mimi was sleeping in her cage so Goma didn't notice her but when Catia put Mimi in the plastic ball, Goma was all over it!! You can tell from the picture Goma will follow everywhere Mimi went. He wasn't aggressive at all! Most of the time Goma will watch really closely try to play with Mimi. It's so funny how Mimi will follow Goma too, it's the funniest when Mimi will bump into Goma with full speed and Goma will jump out and run away!! so cute how they interact I think Mimi was more aggressive than Goma. I think they will be good friends;-)
This weekend I took Goma out 3 times. We will go outside and just sit on the grass.I will bring a book to read while Goma chasing the bees. Oh Goma was sting by one of the small bees! I saw him licking his paw so many times after the walk...I was really worried because I thought he might have allergic reaction or something but he was okay. It's so nice to be able to go out with Goma. I feel so happy when I see him having fun. Also going outside relief some of the stress for both of us, everytime when we get home we will take a nap lol!

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