I cooked GOMA last night!!

Haha of course I'm kidding!! Goma loves to be on the stove look around, go in and out of my pic stir fly pan... I thought it is funny...Anyway, I used to have many small mosses in my house... They are all gone(on the floor) now. Of course all the credit goes to Mr. Goma. He is haunting down all things move right now. I love how he kills mosquitoes and cockroaches even me not knowing it and I will find them on the floor dead. I love this cat!! He is the best!! He is also in the bathroom sink all he time so it is somehow cleaner than before...I think he always cleans it for me while I'm gone.
This morning he was so hyper!! Even when I was sleeping he will come on top of me really close to my face start slapping my face(with craws!!). It hurts! but when I opened my eyes I will see the cutest round face with big blue eyes... who cares it hurts!! He is too cute...Oh I forgot to tell you guys yesterday, Suzette, Goma's breeder has a new litter! They were born in 7/31/07!! 5 boys and 3 girls what a large litter!! Congratulations!! You can look at the kittens HERE.

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