Goma'z Momz Button from Chris D!!

This button was given to me by my friend Chris Dabica. I thought this is the cutest thing ever!! I think he has a button maker in his house so I am asking him to make more. We have a button maker at our work but they make smaller buttons! The one Chris made me was a big one! maybe 1.5in?? Anyway, I LOVE this button! Thanks Chris for taking time to make it! Oh, yesterday I noticed Goma watching TV for the first time. I was watching the Animal Planet, something about Japanese queen bee, and Goma will sit in front of the TV and just watch. It's funny how his eyes tries to follow all the movement on TV and he will react to sound also...I should have taken video of this but every time I look at him he will stop watching TV so I couldn't...someday I will though...at least picture!! Yes!

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