US cat 'predicts patient deaths'

OMG! my friend Tay send me this article, it is amazing!! This Cat Oscar is supa sweet cat!! He lives in hospital. He predicts patient's death better than nurse or doctor!! I know cat's are very sensitive to human emotions...I heard Himalayan cats are very good at this. My friend has Himalayan cats got very sick and had surgery, but the entire time she was sick, her Himalayans were sleeping around her bed never left her side. It gave her so much emotional support that she recover quickly. As soon as she recover, her cats went on sleeping their usual spot!! I think cat's really know when humans are sick...and they feel like they need to be close to them when they do!!! This is why I love cats!! They are so comforting, fuzzy and cute!! You can read Oscar's story in here.

"Cats often can sense when their owners are sick or when another animal is sick"
—Thomas Graves, feline expert

Credit: BBC&CNN

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