This is another entry to I can has cheezburger...I sent another one before and didn't make it so, hopefully this one will make it to that site...I love that site sooooo much, it's so funny, I think it is equally funny with stuff on my cat. The credit for the funny copy on the picture goes to supa talented Chris DaBica! He wrote me like 10 different copies to go with this picture!! They were all so good, I had such a hard time selecting one... anyway those are:

Mai eyez c thru wallz

I c teh futurez

im undr teh bed. u c mai cheez?

Oh hai. u c mai lazr eyez?

Lazrcat. I c cheezburger in dark

Iz lazrcat, looking for dust bunnyz.

Whut u nvr c lazrcat b4?

Hhaha! I told you they are all good!! Anyway Chris has his awesome blog too! Please visit Dabica.com.

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